Countdown to event Toronto 09.28.19

Matching Promotion - Winners

The winners of the 2019 Matching Promotion are in! Please join us in congratulating the following teams:
Uncle Smoke BBQ for Ally and Ovarian Blitzers have won the Ultimate Sonnet Locker Room Experience on game day, which includes:

  1. An exclusive Meet and Greet with a surprise celebrity
  2. A luxury RV - the ultimate team hangout
  3. A private hot tub to be used at your leisure
  4. A dedicated massage therapist for your team throughout the day
  5. A Sonnet bundle-basket for all registered team members (12 max.)
  6. A private chef to cook up your breakfast & lunch
  7. VIP Parking for all team members
  8. A private Celebrity Meet and Greet at the Draft Party!

Darrin Riemer  from team Op's Monkeys has won the Runner-Up Prize - free pizza for a year, generously provided by Pizza Pizza!
Thank you to every team who participated – only 9 days until game day! Captains, please RSVP your players here for the Celebrity Draft Party – September 27, if you haven’t already.

If you have any questions, please call Courtny Vandervelde at 905-537-8428 or by email at:

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